History & General In-House News

14th March 2024 – At a glittering ceremony held at the Hilton, Malta,  Mrs Lowella Catania Sammut LTTS was awarded Best Trichologist of the year. – Well done Lowella!

1st January 2024. –  During and since the covid virus pandemic the President’s Day / Graduation Day celebrations has been cancelled, however We hope that a new form of that stunning event will emerge perhaps later this year.
We remain greatly honoured by our President – Mr Asim Shahmalak FRCS

1st January 2023  –  The Governors regret that its research suggests that the time is not right for the re-introduction of the established Presidents Day/Graduation Day.
We remain greatly honoured by our President – Mr Asim Shahmalak FRCS

1st January 2022  –  The Governors regret that the President’s Day / Graduation Day Celebrations will not be held.
We remain honoured by our President – Mr Asim Shahmalak FRCS

1st January 2022 The Governors regret that the President’s Day / Graduation Day Celebrations will not be held.
We remain honoured by our President – Mr Asim Shahmalak FRCS

1st January 2021 – The Society continues a meagre existence but greatly honoured by our President – Mr Asim Shahmalak FRCS

11th May 2020 – The President’s Day was sadly cancelled due to the pandemic.   The final examinations were likewise postponed until we can legally conduct them. We remain honoured by our President – Mr Asim Shahmalak FRCS

22nd April 2020 –  Prof Barry Stevens participated as the invited expert in a live Asia wide Facebook link. This involved him providing spontaneous answers to questions from callers during the 90 minute on air time. Many thousands had allegedly listened in.

22nd February 2020 – at 6.53pm  The stork visited Lowella (Malta) to deliver a beautiful baby daughter Evie Mae who weighed in at 3.3kg. Mother and Baby are doing well. Thanks be to God.

13th September 2019 heralded The Society’s 20th Anniversary which was celebrated the following day with dinner at Hunton Park. In the unfortunate absence of President Shahmalak the role was impressively undertaken by Dr Akshay Batra FTTS (Past President) who flew in from India with his lovely wife Farah for the occasion. Highlights of the evening included a poem entitled The Hair Wizard written and performed faultlessly from memory by Daisy (the daughter of Past President Sally Ann Tarver FTTS). Attendees were presented with a lovely celebration clock designed and manufactured by Mr Quentin Mann (Patron) and Mrs Mary Buss (Hon Member).
Mr Quentin Mann was the M.C.  Mr Mann presented the Society with a superior device to support and exhibit the Presidential Chain of Office (Kenneth Price Memorial Chain)  during the enthronement of newly appointed presidents.

13th May 2019 – The Society’s 19th President’s Day was held as usual at Hunton Park. President Shahmalak presided and presented Mrs Lowella Catania Sammut (from Malta) and Mrs Gita Shah (from Tanzania) with their well deserved Graduation Diplomas as Licentiates of The Trichological Society (post nominal letters LTTS). Each responded with delight.

15th November 2018 at 7.40pm the stork visited Rasha and Hatim Shweiki to deliver a lovely baby boy (Jacob) who weighed in at a 4.03 kilos 40 cm in length with lots of brown hair. Mother and Baby are doing well – Thanks be to God.

14th May 2018 – The Society’s 18th President’s Day was held at Hunton Park Herefordshire. Dr Janet Palin PhD MTTS (the retiring President) enthroned Mr Asim Shahmalak FRCS MTTS as President for the period 2018-2020. The Kenneth Price Memorial Chain of office was explained by Mrs Mandy Baldwin BSc (Hons) MTTS. This delightful event took place in the Orangery before a full house of members and supporters. Mr Quentin Mann (Patron) Mrs Mary Buss (Hon Member) floor managed the event in their usual faultless professional manner. Mr Ed Stevens BSc FTTS (The Clerk) controlled the proceedings with inimitable warmth and dignity. Mrs Agnes Marufu and Mrs Tolani Ojebuovboh received their well deserved Graduation Diplomas as Licentiates of The Trichological Society (post nominal letters LTTS). Each responded with delight. The speaker was Prof.B Stevens.

9th November 2017 – Prof Barry Stevens was guest speaker to The Society of Cosmetic Scientists at Burlington House, Piccadilly, London.

29th August 2017 – The Society was mentioned in an article relating to Aloe Vera by Medical News today.

15th August 2017 –  The Society’s website re-ordering by Chris Allen BSc (Hons) MBCS is now live and attracting increased interest worldwide.

8th May 2017  –  The Society’s 17th President’s Day at Hunton Park .  The President Dr Janet Palin presided at this delightful event before a full house of members and supporters in the Orangery.  Mr Ed Stevens (the Clerk) controlled the proceedings with warmth and dignity.   For Mrs Virginia Morris LTTS and Mrs Charlotte-Anne Whelpdale de Escamilla LTTS it was their Graduation Day.  Both received  Robert D Olding Citations. Both responded with appropriate addresses.  The speakers were Dr Janet Palin, Mr A Shahmalak FRCS, and Prof Barry Stevens.  The day was a great success as usual.

9th May 2016  –  The Society’s 16th President’s Day at Hunton Park .  The Society enthroned Dr Janet Palin as President at a delightful ceremony before a full house held in the Orangery.  The speakers were Mr Daniel Dippenaar (Counsel),  Mrs Anita Kirby and Mr Ed Stevens. The day was a great success with lovely weather.

11th May 2015  – The 15th President’s Day  at Hunton Park attracted attendees from 5 countries (three continents).

We remembered with sadness the passing of our friend and colleague Mr John Harwood ISBC, Past President and Patron TTS
We proclaimed / invested our Graduands from Korea and S Ireland (Mrs Anita Kirby LTTS) and a new Fellow (Mr Martyn Trenerry LLB FTTS). The President (Dad) formally received his professorship from Dr Batra’s Academy (Mumbai). We attended lectures entitled: Laser therapy and Alopecia Areata. We enjoyed the company of family, friends and colleagues worldwide. The weather blessed us and the atmosphere was as always very happy. We enjoyed an excellent lunch. The M25 was awful.

25th February 2015 – The Society mourns the death of Mr John Harwood ISBC, Patron and Past President. The funeral at St Augustines Church, Barkingside  was attended by The President, Mrs Sally-Ann Tarver and Mr Richard Carter. The President (Barry Stevens) was organist. John will be greatly missed.

9th July 2014 – The Stork remains at large – to Holly and Collin Minney a lovely daughter Lillian Grace who weighed in at 7lbs 14oz.  We send Congratulations to a very proud Mum and Dad and hope to see a picture of Lily please.

17th May 2014 –  Barry Stevens was enthroned President of The Society by Dr Akshay Batra at a splendid event which attracted a record number of attendees. The speakers were Dr Janet Palin, and Mr Martyn Trenerry LLB (Past President). The President bestowed Fellowships on Mrs Sally Ann Tarver and Dr Akshay Batra.

29th April 2013 – The 13th President’s Day was graced by Dr Akshay Batra (our President from India), with addresses from Dr Asim Shahmalak FRCS on surgical eyelash transplantation, Mr Barry Stevens FTTS on Expert Witness experiences, Miss Claire Stevens FTTS delivered her maiden speech on the annual progress of TTS with great success.

4th September 2012 – The Registrar tavelled to India to officiate at glittering ceremonies associated with our President’s enthronement in Mumbai, Dehli, Bangalore and Goa. Many thousands of visitors attended.

14th May 2012 – Dr Akshay Batra was enthroned President of The Society at a superb ceremony held at Hunton Park, Hertfordshire, UK. On this celebrated occasion TTS unfurled its own magnificent flag which may be described as consisting of three vertical sections in : Black (left), White (central bearing the emblazoned Stags Crest) and Red (right).

13th September 2011- the Stork is about again. To Sally Ann (Immediate Past President) a lovely daughter Daisy May Allford who weighed-in at 7lbs 10oz. Daisey May and TTS therefore share the same birthday. We send love and congratulations to mother and daughter.

17th May 2010 witnessed the enthronement of the new President Mr Martyn Trenerry LLB – an experienced lawyer with special interest in hair matters. The venue was Hunton Park Hertfordshire. The elected Officers of the Society remain unchanged. The Society was delighted to receive a lecture from its honoured guest Dr Dominique Van Neste (Patron) who had travelled from his home in Belgium to be with us. The day was heralded a great success.

TTS 10th Anniversary was held at The Palace of Westminster, London on Monday 14th September 2009. Mrs Sally-Anne Tarver  FTTS (President) presided over a gathering of influential members from UK and around the world who enjoyed the celebrations at this uniquely prestigious building. Please see overview

TTS Registrar’s Lecture Tour 2008
Mr Barry Stevens (The Registrar) has returned (10th June 2008) to UK following another successful 21 day lecturing and examining tour in South Korea and India. The Society is held in considerable esteem in each of these important scientific countries.

The 2008 President’s Day
Monday 19th May 2008 witnessed the creation of The Society’s new President. It is with pleasure that we announce the unanimous election and enthronement of Ms Sally-Ann Tarver (photo) as the 8th President of The Society who will reign from 2008-10.
Mr Martyn Trenerry (Lawyer) and Dr Akshay Batra were elected Vice-Presidents. The Governing Council remains otherwise unchanged.

The Stork visits Mandy and Bob Baldwin
Our congratulations to Mandy and Bob on the safe arrival of baby George who weighed in at 7lb 6 oz at 12 noon on 22nd May 2007. Another eminent trichologist in the making we wonder?

TTS Registrar – Lecture Tour 2007
Mr Barry Stevens has returned to UK following a successful series of lectures presented in S.Korea (Seoul) hosted by Korea Hair and Scalp Institute, India (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore) hosted by Dr Batras Positive Health – during January 2007. The warmth of his welcome and the level of interest shown by over 1000 academics who attended the lectures is evidence that The Society is clearly regarded as a leading authority in the field of pure trichology – worldwide.

Dr Ushma Batra has a visit from the Stork
We extend our congratulations to new parents Drs Ushma and Akshay Batra (The Society’s adviser in India) on the birth of their son Hriman on the 31st of May 2006, at 9.12 am weighing in at 2.4 kgs. Hriman is a Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language) word meaning dispeller of sorrow.
Mother and baby are doing well. (photo)

Mr John A Harwood – President 2006-8
Monday 15th May 2006 at Hunton Park Hertfordshire.
It is with pleasure that we announce the unanimous election of Mr John A Harwood MTTS-Patron as the seventh President of The Society. The ceremony of his enthronement was conducted by the retiring president and was witnessed by an assembled company of members and guests from UK Africa and India. The venue was the Queen Anne Mansion of Hunton Park in Hertfordshire. The President’s Day ceremony which included the customary speeches and presentation of membership certificates and other honours, concluded with a fine luncheon in the Hunton Park restaurant.
Mr Harwood was a founding member of The Society who has served the Society as a coundillor since its inauguration. He was vice-president during Dr Rogers’ presidency. The Society can look ahead with confidence during his reign photo

TTS London Office – The Society is pleased to confirm that its Central London address is 1 King’s Mews WC1N 2JA. The accommodation is on the first floor of this ancient but delightful Mews House. The Registrar will be available by appointment (please confirm in advance on 08707 666 996).

Dr Richard Rogers – President 2005-6
It is with pleasure that we announce unanimous election of Dr Richard Rogers MB ChB MTTS as the sixth President of The Society. The ceremony of his enthronement conducted by the retiring president was witnessed by an assembled company of members and guests at the beautiful Queen Anne Mansion of Hunton Park in Hertfordshire. The President’s Day ceremony which included the customary speeches and presentation of membership certificates and other honours, concluded with a fine luncheon in the Hunton Park restaurant.
Dr Rogers was a founding member of The Society who served as vice-president during Helen’s presidency. The Governing Council looks forward with confidence to a good year under his leadership photo

Dr David Kingsley PhD LTTS
We are pleased to announce that Dr. D H Kingsley has been accepted as a member of the American Academy of Dermatologists. We believe he is the first trichologist to ever have been granted membership to such a prestigious organization.

The Stork is still busy
Delivered at 3.26 am on Tuesday 21st December 2004 (lovely Christmas present !) to Helen (The Society’s reigning President) and Simon, a Son and Brother to Hannah named Samuel Richard Ellis. Sam weighed in at 8lb 2oz. Mother and baby are doing well. photo

The Stork re-visits Dawn and Ed
To Dawn and Ed (Assistant Registrar -TTS), a new baby daughter and sister to Charlotte. Phoebe Verity Stevens weighed in at 7lb 8oz on 11th October 2004. Another trichologist in the making ? we wait to see !

‘Hair Science and Technology’ (Editor Dominique Van Neste MD PhD).
..This remarkable volume follows the proceedings of the 9th annual meeting of the EHRS (European Hair Research Society) held in Brussels, Belgium, in June 2002.
The book has been a prime focus of interest among our members and most especially our students. The book’s 470 + pages include abstracts, functional studies, case histories, photographs, data tables and references associated with current hair research.
In this era of scientific interest in hair and its problems, the work presents a fascinating and unequalled insight into the extensive research currently in progress.
This volume is a must for every student/trichologist/hairscientist.

The Stork remains at large
Our feathered friend has made another visit to Karen and Gary Todd (Founders). Darcy Shannon was delivered to everyone’s delight today Monday 5th July 2004 at 1.02 am. She weighed in at a hefty 9lb 4oz. (well done Mummy!) Abbie and Cameron are thrilled at having a new baby sister.

Società Italiana di Tricologia (SITRI).
The Society is proud to announce the election into membership of Dr Paolo Gigli MD MTTS the respected Italian Dermatologist and ‘Dal 2004 Presidente della Società Italiana di Tricologia (SITRI)’.

The President’s Day and Graduation Day 2004 – London
This auspicious event took place at the delightful Novartis Foundation 41 Portland Place London W1 on Monday 23rd February 2004.
Members and visitors lunched at 12.30 pm. and thereafter assembled in the majestic Reception Room to receive the President’s Procession at 2 pm to stirring music (Director of Music – Mr John Harwood – Member).
Following the welcome by the Clerk (Mr Simon Griffiths – Patron), The President (Ms Helen Moore) delivered an interesting address centering upon the social cultural and religious implications of hair and baldness.

Mr Edward Stevens (a graduate of The Society’s faculty in pure trichology) was formally presented and received his diploma as a Licentiate of The Trichological Society (registered practitioner in pure trichology).

Mr Keith J Ridley (founder, hon.auditor, and governing councillor) was decorated with the high honour of ‘Patron of The Society’. Mr Ridley responded appropriately.

Fellowships / Honorary Memberships:
There were no conferments on this occasion.

The Robert Olding Book Award (the personal benefaction of Mr Robert Olding (Fellow and Past President):
The recipient of the auspicious Robert Olding Book Award 2004 (presented annually to the outstanding student of the final year) was Mr Edward Stevens. Mr Stevens spoke of his delight at receiving this magnificent reference volume.

The Graduation Day Address: on the theme of ‘Concordance in the consultation process’, was delivered by Mrs Jean Lockhart-Wilson (Member).

The Presentations;
Miss Claire Stevens (Licentiate and Assistant Secretary) presented:
A framed parchment expressing The Society’s affection and gratitude for her exemplary leadership as President 2003-4
Floral bouquets to The President and Mrs Jean Lockhart-Wilson.

Following the National Anthem, the President retired in procession to host a fine reception in the Huntarian Room.
Carriages – 6 pm.
Dr Richard Rogers MTTS reports on The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Conference October 2003

This was the annual conference of the ISHRS, taking place this year, in New York. As usual, it was very well attended and featured many notable surgeons presenting the latest tips and techniques.

There were a number of hot topics which dominated both the conference timetable and the restaurant tables! These were:

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction aka FIT aka Woods technique)
This involves using small punches of 1mm to remove individual follicular hair grafts. The advantages of this include the absence of a linear scar and shorter downtime.
The disadvantages include cost and the smaller number of grafts possible per session.
As this is a new refinement of the old punchgraft method, it is still controversial. Time will tell if it replaces strip harvesting or finds a niche in repair of poor results from previous surgeries. The main problem currently is that since it is new, few doctors have any long term follow up results to show.
I’m personally looking for volunteers to become involved in a small trial so please contact me if you know anybody suitable.

Sutures and donor closing
Poor donor scars from strip and punch harvesting of grafts have been the springboard to the search for new techniques (i.e. FUE). However, research into minimising such scarring continues and has improved the results tremendously, ironically just as FUE has been developed.
There were a number of talks demonstrating studies of different suture materials, suturing techniques and staples. Differences are demonstrable but are now relatively small compared to some major advances made five years ago. It is individual patient healing characteristics which now govern how fine the donor scar is – usually around 1mm thick is average.

Hair cloning and hair multiplication topics were presented by a wide variety of experts which led to some illuminating questions!
On one side, there were the academics who demonstrated microscopic, biochemical and genetic research from around the world. They felt hair cloning is still a long way off.
Then there were the clinicians working in association with biochemical/genetic science companies who felt that cloning was just around the corner but “weren’t allowed to discuss it for commercial/legal reasons but we’re confident we can crack it in a few more years.”
It is difficult therefore to be certain of anything except that a lot of money, time and detailed research is going on to find this particular holy grail but nobody is quite there yet.

Lateral slits
This is a small but potentially important change to transplant techniques. Instead of making vertical slits in the recipient area, we may be better to turn our blades 90’ and put them in horizontally. Again, early days yet for this but seems promising from the few studies attempted so far.

Other Topics
Surprisingly little was mentioned about Dutasteride although the study suggesting Finasteride has a protective effect against prostate cancer did get a mention. Generally, most surgeons promote Finasteride as it has very good safety record, efficacious and is a very important adjunct to good results.
The graft placing density war continues with the current record possibly as high as 90 follicular units per cm2. This is impressive (nearly as dense as nature grows it – around 100 FU per cm2) but it is not entirely clear why this is important as we still only have a limited donor hair bank to use to cover a much larger area of baldness.

As always, many of the “golden nuggets” were passed over informally. I was lucky enough to have lunch with Dr Robert Jones who is one of the best known FUE proponents, now devoting his practice 100% to it. He showed me the video of his technique which was certainly intriguing and convinced me to add it to my options for some patients.

All in all, I felt that this conference was the most important to attend since San Francisco in 1999. So many sacrosanct ideas have been challenged in the past 18 months but only now are the results starting to be published. Who knows what else will change in 12 more months?Copyright Dr Richard Rogers November 2003

The elusive Stork remains at large
England 12-6-03. To Simon and Helen (TTS Vice President) a beautiful baby girl – Hannah Bryony. who weighed in at 7lb 8 oz. Mother and Baby are doing ‘very well’
Luv and Congratulations from us all -photo

The Trichological Society’s President’s Day & Graduation Day 2003
This splendid event in our calendar was held in London on Monday 24th February. To read the official overview by Mrs Karen Todd (Founder and Graduate Licentiate) Click here

World’s Expert Doctors Take on Hair Loss and Transplants
Cloning Update … Latest on Propecia, Rogaine and the Highly Anticipated Dutasteride … Eyelash and Eyebrow Transplantation … Hair Loss in Children, Women and Different Ethnic Groups…Hot Products: What Works and What Doesn’t … 22 Live Surgeries… Scientific Surgical Studies
ORLANDO, Fla.- A staggering 80 million Americans and hundreds of millions worldwide suffer from hair loss. What answers can science provide to solve this problem? What direction is research taking and what is its impact? Can cloning be the solution? Do hair loss products advertised on television and the internet really work?
These questions will be researched, debated and discussed at the ninth annual Live Surgery Workshop in Orlando, March 5-8, 2003. In addition to the scientific updates and discussion, 22 surgeries demonstrating a comprehensive range of surgical techniques, new instrumentation and special cases are scheduled.
The focus of the program is a true exchange of knowledge by practical, living education. More than 100 physicians, including some of the world’s leading medical experts and research scientists on hair loss and restoration, will travel to Orlando for this international event.
“The Live Surgery Workshop, through the selfless and generous international faculty and attendees, has stimulated advances in research and the practical application to modern hair restoration,” said Dr. Matt Leavitt, chair of the international event. “This year’s thought-provoking program’s contributions will be timely and vital to present and future hair restoration.”
What are the challenges? What are the opportunities? What is the future?
The challenges
Children: Children can, and frequently do, experience hair loss due to disease, trauma, birth defects, scars. The good news is that they can be successfully treated by either medical or surgical means. Pediatric hair loss and appropriate approaches, including surgical, will be examined.
Special Cases: The permanent loss/absence of hair can affect any area of the body not just the scalp, including eyelashes and eyebrows. Eyelash and eyebrow transplantation cases are scheduled.
Women: The number of women suffering from hair loss continues to grow significantly. With different causes and patterns of hair loss than men, there are numerous considerations in planning effective treatment. Four surgeries on female patients are scheduled.
Products: Hundreds of products claiming to help hair loss are currently on the market. How can anyone sort through what is real and what is not?
Corrective: Innovative surgical techniques can improve unsightly results from older methods of transplantation, even through severely scarred areas. One corrective procedure is scheduled.
Ethnic Considerations: There are subtle but key differences in successful hair transplantation among each ethnic group. Surgical cases include African American, Asian, Hispanic and Caucasian patients.
The opportunities
Surgical Case Studies: Achieving desired density is a challenge in hair transplantation and the difference between a good and great result. Among the surgical procedures scheduled, two cases specifically designed as a side-by-side comparative study will be performed utilizing different techniques to establish which will produce greater density.
Follicular Unit Extraction: Follicular unit extraction is a newly refined surgical method of transplantation attracting interest that does not require any sutures. This innovative method will be demonstrated at the Workshop for the first time.
The Future
Cloning: If hair can be successfully cloned, then limited donor hair can be overcome for anyone desiring hair transplantation. The latest studies and findings in this field of research will be presented.
Medical Update: The highly anticipated drug dutasteride has received FDA approval for benign prostatic hyperplasia. Not indicated for hair loss, its mechanism of action is expected to be effective for male pattern baldness. The newest information on the drug will be presented. In the meanwhile, Propecia and Rogaine remain the only effective, approved medications for hair loss. Updates on both will be presented.
Each year the Live Surgery Workshop covers the latest techniques, research and instrumentation in hair loss. New research initiated at the Workshop each year provides great contributions to the field of hair loss. For more information on the Live Surgery Workshop, please visit the event’s web site www.livesurgeryworkshop.org.

The Stork remains at large
The Society’s Registrar becomes a grandfather for the fifth time.
The Society extends Congratulations to Dawn and Edd Stevens the proud parents of beautiful baby daughter Charlotte who weighed in at 8lbs 8oz on Sunday 12th January 2003 “she is the most wonderful baby in the world ” (her Daddy’s words) He is of course absolutely right! Mother and baby are doing well.

AGM 2002
The Society’s Annual Meeting was held at Novartis Foundation London on Monday 30th September 2002. Mr Robert D Olding FTTS was elected President and Ms Helen Moore BSc(HONS) MTTS was elected Vice President. Minutes of the meeting will be circulated to all members worldwide.

EHRS 2002 Hair Workshop 27-29 June2002. Venue: Hotel Le Plaza Brussels. Belgium.
For details of this event click here. For a synopsis of the event click here

ESHRS (5th Annual Congress) London
Read about the 5th Annual Congress of the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery held in London on 7th-9th June 2001, with a live surgery workshop on June 6th. click here

MSD Propecia ® (Finasteride) launched in UK – 28th February 2002
To be a private prescription medicine. More info: click here

The Society’s Graduation Day & President’s Day – 25th February 2002
To read a synopsis click here

Annual international Live Surgery Workshop in Orlando 6-9th March 2002.
ORLANDO, Fla.- Expert doctors and researchers from all over the world convened March 6 – 9, in Orlando, Florida, to participate in an intense, comprehensive hair loss meeting, during which they conducted 21 live surgeries, initiated new research, shared new techniques and demonstrated new instrumentation. The recent evolvement of the specialty allowed detailed attention to be given to exact direction and angles of graft placement, new techniques such as Crosshatching, individualized hairline design, hair graft stress factors and the use of physics as it relates to hair restoration. New and automated instrumentation was demonstrated during live surgical settings.
Special attention was devoted to hair loss in women. Dr. Vera Price moderated a physicians panel that included Dr. Matt Leavitt, Dr. Craig Ziering, Dr. Pierre Bouhanna, Dr. Jennifer Martinick, Dr. Paul Rose and Dr. Sharon Keene. The panel discussed specific considerations in female hairloss, psychosocial effects, hair transplantation in female patients and the use of minoxidil by women, in addition to a live surgical demonstration with a female patient.
See the web site dedicated to the event http://www.livesurgeryworkshop.org .

T.V. Live Interview
The Society’s General Secretrary interviewed live – Sky News 8th January 2002 at 5.45pm GMT.

December 2001. The Society’s Council met with the Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin at Westminster. The Society was invited to attend future meetings of this influential Parliamentary Group.

November 2001. The Society has been accepted into Membership of the U.K. Associate Parliamentary Group on Skin.

Dr Nilofer Farjo (founder member -TTS)
At the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons conference in Mexico (2001), Dr Nilofer Farjo received an award for her poster presentation entitled: ‘Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: Implications in Hair Restoration Surgery’.
Dr Richard Rogers (founder member -TTS)
Is pleased to announce his new practice at Straford-on-Avon Warwickshire UK. Please see CONSULTANTS listings.

That Stork visits Karen & Gary
Our itinerant friend is about again having recently visited Karen and Gary Todd (both were founders of The Society) To them we send our Congratulations on the safe arrival of Abbie Paige who weighed in at 8lb 11oz on Thursday November 15th at 3.55am. We understand Cameron is delighted at having a baby sister.

The Society’s President 2001-2
The election of president was held at the AGM. Four candidates were nominated. The election proved unanimously in favour of Mr Kenneth Price a cosmetic chemist with a special interest in hair preparations and a founder of The Society. Mr Price brings a wealth of experience gained during his presidency of the Asian Society of Trichology. The Society can look forward with confidence to another positive year of advancement. His appointment will also enhance relationships abroad.

The Society extends congratulations to our incoming President and his wife Mary on the arrival of their first grandchild. Thomas Henry Price (9lb 13 oz.) arrived on 27th October at 3.46 pm.

The Stork’s visit to Seattle
Congratulations are the order of the day for the family of Dr Noel Digby our surgeon member at Seattle USA. Born to Helen and Noel on 14th July 2001 a baby boy – Harrison Kenelm Frank who weighed-in at 7lbs. Sisters Aleisha, Mikaela and Sophia now have “a real live dolly”. Mother, Baby ‘Harry’ and Dad are all doing well!

The Stork’s visit (June 2001).
Congratulations to Mr and Mrs G Hynnes who have become the proud parents of Caoimhe (pronounced QUIVA) “she is a little angel” (Dad’s words) We are sure he is right! (Gerrard is a founder of The Society and a practitioner in the Republic of Ireland)

Drs Nilofer & Bessam Farjo (founder members-TTS) May 2001
Receive the Archimedes International Award. This prize presented by the Italian Society for Hair Restoration Surgery was for contributions to hair surgery, specifically for the Full Beard Transplant and for their work using Collagenase to produce single-hair grafts.

Graduation Day & Presidents Day 2001 (London-26th February 2001)
The Society is delighted to record that the lecture subject ‘In Vitro Hair Follicle Culture’ was delivered by the world’s leading expert in this field – Dr Michael Philpott. For details please email The Society. Read more.

International Hair Loss Experts Prepare for Annual Pilgrimage
Continual Search for Cure Brings New Research, Techniques and Instrumentation. Read more.

Society’s Graduation and President’s Day 28th February 2000
The Society held its first Graduation and President’s Day on Monday 25th February 2000. This article explains the day in more detail.

Merck Sharp & Dohme: Propecia (Finasteride) Announced the long awaited release of Propecia (Finasteride), the drug to combat androgenic alopecia (commonly known as male pattern hair loss) was announced by the Merck Sharp & Dohme in October, 1999. Read Merck Sharp & Dohme’s press release.

The Society’s Singapore Office Announced
The Society is proud to announce details of the Singapore Office. The Honorary Secretary for Singapore is Teo Kim Teik LTTS AST (Vice president). Please address enquiries to Mr. Teo Kim Teik, at 1 Queensway, 05-65 Queensway Tower, Singapore 149053 or telephone 4747798 fascimile 4747798.
e-mail: [email protected]

The Society’s Scottish Office Announced – now closed

The Inauguration of The Trichological Society
The Society celebrated its launch on Monday 13th September 1999 at an Inauguration Ceremony and Celebratory Reception in London. Read about it