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Due to language and other difficulties The Trichological Society concedes that academic courses in pure-trichology for South Koreans are best operated by South Korean academics.

Korea Scalp Hair Institution (KSHI) was inaugurated by 30 people consisting of professors and leaders within the scalp and hair sciences professions.
Until recently, levels of understanding regarding scalp and hair were low and afflictions considered ‘insignificant’. However there is a growing need for qualified professional services within this specialist discipline as concerns about the appearance and health of the hair and scalp increase.

KSHI was established to provide education and research activities for academics and professional trichologists.

KSHI is developing a high level curriculum for the academic study of pure-trichology.

KSHI seeks to equal the highest academic standards worldwide and thereby achieve the academic position of the best professional Trichology institution in Korea – based on internationally verified clinical data through TTS.

Korea Scalp Hair Institution (KSHI) consists of :
The President: Dr Jongman Lim (a former Vice-President of Seokyeong University and Doctor of Business Administration)
3 advisors who are also KSHI executives
10 prominent counsellors working for the academic development and industrial growth of Trichology.

There are 4 committees viz
Academic Committee: Activities related to acceptance of thesis, publication of academic journals and supervision of seminars
Operating Committee: Activities related to a professional position of Trichology, creating educational curriculum and operation education.
Qualification Approval Committee: Various activities related to creating textbooks for systematic education of Trichology and approval of qualification.
Industry Committee: Activities regarding field practice, introduction of clinic programs and employment guidance for industrial educational cooperation of an educational institution and scalp and hair industry.

The Purpose of KSHI
Keeping pace with the expansion of scalp and hair business, we are to raise the standard of our Korean education in scalp and hair as high as the advanced countries and to become a leading organization through high quality education, information exchange and encouragement.

KSHI Objectives

  • Standardization of curriculum on Scalp and Hair Science.
  • Opening the Department of Scalp and Hair in Korean universities.
  • Training professional trichologists.

KSHI Activities

  • Encourage and support studies on scalp and hair (e.g.; seminars and training)
  • Encourage educational collaboration and industry-academic cooperation through curriculum connection of scalp and hair.
  • Publication of collected papers and institution’s articles
  • Supply the advanced knowledge and technology in cooperation with the abroad organizations.