Influential professionals providing The Society with guidance and support
(listed alphabetically)

Mr Richard Carter BA ACIS (Chartered Secretary)

Mr Stephen Eccles BA (Solicitor)

Mr Simon Griffith MSc (HONS) (Senior Environmental Health)

Mr John A Harwood IBA MTTS (Parliamentarian)

Mr Alastair B. Hodge (Barrister at Law)

Mr Quentin Mann

Mr Keith Ridley ACIB ACIS (Chartered Banker, Chartered Secretary)

Mrs Betsy Scott MA (Senior Nursing Lecturer)

Dr Victor Storey (Surgeon)

Dr Peter Thorogood (Pharmacologist)

Dr Dominique Van Neste MD PhD (Dermatologist)

Mrs Gillian K Stevens

Dr Mukesh Batra

Ms Heidi Gleadhill (Solicitor)