Join The Trichological Society

The College of Trichology

The Society welcomes new members (all categories stated) of integrity and repute.

Persons eligible for membership:

Professionals whose vocations include a special interest in human scalp and hair in health disease and distress viz
Academics, Barristers, Cosmetic Pharmaceutical and Research Chemists, Journalists (medical/scientific), Lawyers, Medical Herbalists, Medical Homeopaths, Physicians, Graduate Nutritionists, Scientists, Surgeons,
Trichologists (TTS College graduates only),  Selected wig and bandana suppliers.



An influential professional providing The Trichological Society with guidance and support.
Patron is the prestigious and rarely awarded decoration bestowed by The President for outstanding support and guidance to TTS and its objectives.
Any candidate for consideration will be:
• A person of influence and integrity who has been formally proposed and seconded for such high honour by two or more established respected subscribing members of TTS.
• A person who, in the opinion of TTS President, Governing Councillors and their advisers, has a made an outstanding contribution to TTS and to orthodox hair-sciences world-wide.
A successful candidate will require the unanimous approval of the President and Governing Councillors (ballot rules apply) + the endorsement of the AGM held in the UK during May.

Fellow (FTTS)

A Member or Licentiate so decorated by The Society.
Fellow is a prestigious and rarely awarded decoration bestowed by The Society for outstanding services to the world of orthodox hair-sciences and / or TTS in particular.
A candidate for consideration will be:
• A person formally proposed and seconded for such honour by two or more established respected subscribing members of TTS.
• A person who in the opinion of TTS President and Governing Council; has integrity, appropriate academic achievement within a hair-sciences specialism and has made an outstanding contribution to the unique standing of TTS – worldwide.
Each candidate will require the unanimous approval of the President, Governing Councillors + Members at the AGM (ballot rules apply) – The AGM is held annually in UK.  

Honorary Fellowship has been awarded once under special circumstances.

Honorary Member

Honorary Member Honorary Fellow – are prestigious and rarely awarded subscription-free decorations which TTS President can bestow upon a retiring subscribing Member / Fellow, or on a person from an unrelated field of professional activity whose formal association is considered desirable. In either event the candidate will be an exceptional person who has gained the specific recommendation of the Governing Council.

Member (MTTS)

Any celebrated professional (includes: academics, chemists, lawyers, physicians, hair restoration surgeons, research scientists etc). awarded subject to the following procedure:

  • Submission of a formal proposal using the Society’s Membership Application Form (MAF)
  • Vetting as deemed appropriate by The Society.
  • Election into membership by the Governing Council of The Society.
  • Payment of a modest annual membership subscription: Currently £175 (UK members), £110 (Non-UK members).  

Licentiate (LTTS)

A graduate of The Society’s College of Trichology (details). 

Student Member

A fully paid-up Student of The Society’s College of Trichology.

Membership Application

The appropriate Membership Application Forms are available by e-mail from the College 
All applicants for membership are required to have read and accepted The CONSTITUTION.
All applicants for practising trichologist status (Licentiateship) must have read and accepted: 
The CONSTITUTION and The Ethics & Professional Practice Guidelines. 


  • Membership of this prestigious worldwide hairscientists professional body.
  • Listing within the appropriate professional category on this Portal 

Members are invited to submit literature for publication in their own name.

Notes for Applicants

Membership is not available to practices or commercial entities.
Membership (student, member, licentiate, patron, fellow, honorary member) is granted (subject to election) to named individuals only.
The member’s name must be visible in The Trichological Society’s website listing.  Any associated practice name (if different) may only be included where all the legal owners/partners are registered members of The Trichological Society.
Each individual must commit to The Trichological Society’s Constitution (Rules) and where appropriate its ‘Ethics and Professional Practice Guidelines.’ Any substantiated breach of these may result in the termination of an individual’s membership and listing.
Applicants must produce for validation and verification by The Society – evidence of appropriate academic and professional qualification. The Trichological Society only accepts trichologists into listed membership who have qualified with its College.
Applications are welcomed and will be considered on an individual basis.
Applicants for membership must be reputable and of good standing with consumer and public authorities.
Reasons for non-election to membership will not be given.

The Trichological Society will not elect into membership, or maintain the membership of any person whose practice life has incured public notoriety for disreputable, fraudulent, unprofessional or other conduct perceived by The Trichological Society as likely to compromise its integrity.

                          In all cases the decision of The Trichological Society’s Governing Council is final.