The Constitution

As ratified by the Governing Council on 20-01-2021   

1  Name:

1.1 The Trichological Society

1.2 The Trichological Society shall hereinafter be referred to as The Society.

1.3 The Governing Council shall hereinafter be referred to as the Council.

1.4 Student Members, Members, Licentiates, Fellows and Honorary Members of The Society shall hereinafter be referred to as members.

2  Objectives:

i) The Society shall seek to provide listings of professionals including; academics, artistic, legal, medical, scientific, trichological practitioners whose professional activities embrace scalp and hair in health distress and diseased circumstances to whom the public world-wide may refer for advice.

ii) The Society shall seek to promote research within its disciplines.

iii) The Society shall provide programs of education in Trichology and certain surgical activities.

iv) The Society shall seek to provide educational material for public interest.

v) The Society shall register its membership and by imposing obligatory ethics & practice guidelines, seek to provide a facility which justifies public confidence..

vii) The Society shall provide a ‘Frequently asked Questions & Answers Page’ for public interest.

viii) The Society shall seek to collate and exchange information within its parameter world- wide.

ix) The Society shall seek to provide a platform for the advancement of bona-fide ideas within its discipline, and may at its discretion act as a validator. The Society’s Governors may after consideration permit the use of The Society’s name and its Stags Crest in connection with this work. In all such cases, written permission must be sought of the Council and copy submitted prior any publication containing either or both.

x) The Society may at its discretion permit the use of its name and its crest for various purposes. In all such cases, written permission must be sought of the Governing Council and copy submitted prior to publication.

The Trichological Society.
Head Office:  19 Balgores Square Gidea Park Essex UK RM2 6AU

UK Telephone: 07742 336 337.
E-mail: [email protected].

3  Membership:
Subscription membership and appropriate listing on The Society’s Registers of members may be awarded subject to the following procedure:
• Submission of a formal proposal using the Society’s Membership Application Form.
• Vetting as deemed appropriate by The Society.
• Election into Membership by the Council of The Society.
• Payment of a modest annual membership subscription: Currently £175 (UK members), £110 (Non-UK members).
The appropriate Membership Application Form is  available by e-mail exclusively from the Registrar.
All applicants for membership are required to have read and accepted the Constitution (this document).

Annual renewal is by invitation. Where invitation to renew membership is not invited, or the invited subscription is not paid within 30 days the membership is deemed void.

3.1  The Society’s membership has no limitation as to numbers.

3.2  Five categories of membership exist viz: Student Member, Member, Licentiate, Fellow, Patron.

3.2.1 Student Member: a registered student of the Society.

3.2.2  Member (MTTS): any person on the Society’s list of Members (includes: Academics, Chemists, Lawyers, Physicians, Hair Restoration Surgeons, Research Scientists, Wigs suppliers etc).

3.2.3  Licentiate (LTTS): a member who is a graduate of The Society’s Diploma in Pure-Trichology, and has unequivocally accepted the Constitution and the Ethics & Professional Practice Guidelines.

3.2.4  Fellow (FTTS): a person who has been thus decorated by The Society. This prestigious and rarely awarded accolade is bestowed for outstanding services to the world of orthodox hair-sciences and /or TTS in particular.
Any candidate for consideration will be:
• A person formally proposed and seconded for such honour by two or more established respected subscribing members of TTS.
• A person who in the opinion of the proposer and seconder can be shown to possess integrity, appropriate academic achievement within a hair-sciences specialism and, has made an outstanding contribution to the standing of TTS – worldwide.
Each candidate will require the unanimous approval of the Governors  – and will be decorated by the President in UK during May.

3.2.5  Honorary Member (Hon.MTTS)  Honorary Fellowship (Hon. FTTS) –  prestigious and rarely awarded subscription-free memberships  bestowed by The President (on the recommendation of the Governing Council). The recipient of such honour will be a much respected person of integrity, well known to The Society – and with whom The Society wishes to create or preserve a formal link. The individual may be a retired subscribing member, or someone who is not directly associated with its field of academic/professional activity.
Successful candidates will have received the unanimous approval of the Governors – and be decorated in UK during May.

3.2.6 Patron (Patron-TTS): An influential professional providing The Trichological Society with guidance and support. The prestigious award of Patron is for outstanding support and guidance to TTS and its objectives.
A candidate for consideration will be:
• A person of influence and integrity who has been formally proposed and seconded for such high honour by two or more established respected subscribing members of TTS.
• A person who, in the opinion of TTS President, Governing Councilors and their advisers, has a made an outstanding contribution to TTS or to orthodox hair-sciences world-wide.
A successful candidate will require the unanimous approval of the Governing Council  – and will be decorated by the President in UK during May.

3.3 All subscribing Members of The Society have equal voting rights and may stand for election to any office.

3.4 Privileges of Membership (e.g. voting rights, holding office, and portal listings etc) are available to members subject to payment of the annual subscription (due  annually on 13th September.  An invoice will be sent).

4  Management:

4.1 The President, plus an annually elected Council of 5 members shall Govern The Society. Councillors shall be collectively empowered to make decisions affecting the day-to-day routine administration of The Society without reference to an AGM or EGM. 

4.2 The Presidency is an honorary office. The appointment shall be for a term not exceeding two consecutive years unless circumstances beyond our control make the appointment of a successor impossible.  In such an event the reigning presidency shall continue.

4.3 The President and Council shall be elected at a meeting to be held on the second or third Monday in the month of May (or such other date as is declared by the Council), and subject to termination of office by resignation, removal or otherwise, these persons remain in office until their successors are elected and installed in their stead.

4.4 A Councillor may fill any vacancy that occurs.

4.5 Retiring Councilors may be re-elected.

4.6 The General Secretary may co-opt a member or members on to the Council.

4.7 The General Secretary shall have the power to make payments for expenses, services and fees as appropriate – subject to consultation with Councilors. All cheques shall require two signatures.

4.8  The General Secretary shall be entitled to claim reasonable payments and expenses.

5  Subscriptions:

5.1 The current annual subscription for members residing in England Ireland Scotland Wales is £175 (one hundred and seventy-five pounds). The annual subscription for members residing elsewhere worldwide £110 (one-hundred and ten pounds). This differential takes account of any possible extra benefits available to UK residents and the high costs of currency conversion imposed on some members. Fees may also be set at differing levels consistent with money values in certain countries.

5.2 Where Membership renewal is invited, subscriptions are due on 13th September. New members joining mid term will pay a proportion of the annual subscription. Members are responsible for their own fees. TTS does not accept payments from employers.

5.3 Student members subscription is £25 (this forms part of the annual education fee)

5.4 The Society may at its discretion allow a ‘grace period’ of up to 30 days for payment of a membership subscription. Following the annual subscription request (due 13th September), two reminders only will be sent. Non payment of subscriptions thereafter will result in the automatic invalidation of membership.

6   Privileges:

6.1 Privileges of Membership (e.g. voting rights and portal listings etc) are not available to any person until the appropriate level of annual subscription has been received by the Registrar.

6.2 The initial subscription must be paid within 28 days of a candidate’s election to membership. Thereafter the election is deemed to be void.

7  Honorary Memberships:

7.1 The President may confer Honorary Memberships. Such subscription-free memberships are non-voting.

7.2 Conferments are announced on the second or third Monday in the month of May (or other date as nominated by the Council).

8  Application for Membership:

8.1 Each candidate for membership shall be proposed by another member or by The Society. Student membership requires no proposer.

8.2 All applications for membership shall be made using the requisite Membership Application Form in conjunction with access to The Rules and the Ethics & Practice Guidelines. The current versions are available for viewing on the website.  All correspondence shall be conducted through the Registrar’s office.

8.3 Elections are conducted by the Council, results must be unanimous.

8.4 An unsuccessful candidate may re-apply to the Society after a period of twelve months.

8.5 Membership is not granted to practices or commercial entities.

8.7 Membership is granted to named individuals only. The member’s name must be visible in The Society’s web site listing. The associated Practice name (where different) may be included but only if all the legal owners/partners are registered members of The Society.

8.8 Each individual promises to be bound by The Society’s Rules (Constitution) and its ‘Ethics and Professional Practice Guidelines’ As both are subject to periodic review members must acquaint themselves with the current versions (available for viewing on the web site). Any substantiated breach of this code will result in the termination of that individual’s membership and listing.

8.9 Applicants must where requested produce, for validation and verification by The Society, evidence of academic and professional qualification. Qualification with other professional bodies does not guarantee acceptance into membership of The Society. In some cases an examination will be required.

8.10 Applications will only be considered if the proposal is countersigned by an existing member of The Society and seconded by another member or person of high standing with The Society.
Overseas Applicants unable to locate a proposer should e-mail the Registrar stating this.

8.11 Each applicant for membership must be reputable and of good standing with consumer and public authorities.

8.12 The Society reserves the right to request an interview.

8.13 In all cases The Society’s decision is final.

9  Resignation:

A member wishing to withdraw from the Society must give notice in writing to the Registrar

10. Termination of Membership :

10.1 The Council may require the resignation of a member who offends against the Rules of the Society or the Ethics & Professional Practice Guidelines. Or whose professional, personal or financial conduct (in the opinion of the Council and legal advisors) renders him/her unfit for continued membership of The Society.

10.2 Before any such resignation may be invited, the Registrar must inform the member of the allegations made against him/her in writing and give the member twenty-one days in which to deliver to the Council a written explanation in his /her defence.

10.3 The member shall also have an opportunity to attend a hearing before the Council to answer complaints made against him/her.

10.4 No member may be invited to resign unless 80% of the Council vote in favour of membership termination.

10.5 Council members must declare their interests (social or professional) associated with any individual sited in a disciplinary hearing.

11 Alteration to the Rules of the Society:

The Council may make alterations to the rules (Constitution). 

12 General Meetings:

12.1 An Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Society may be held on a date specified by the Council), and will:

12.2 Receive and if approved adopt a statement of the Society’s accounts to the end of the preceding year.

12.3 Consider and if approved, sanction any duly made alteration to The Constitution.

12.4 Elect the President and members of the Council.

12.5 Deal with any special matters the Council or individual members have sought to introduce.  

 Extraordinary General Meetings:

12.7 An EGM may be convened at any time by the Council to:

12.8  consider and if approved sanction any duly made alteration to the rules of The Society.

12.9  deal with any special matter which the Council wishes to place before the members.

12.10  remove any member or members of the Council from office and to fill any vacancy or vacancies caused thereby.

12.11 deal with any special matter placed before The Society by a member or other individual.

13 Casting Vote:

At Council Meetings and at General Meetings, a Chairperson shall be elected to preside. He/she may have a casting or additional vote in the event of an equality of votes.

14 Quorums:

14.1 The following numbers of members are required to form a Quorum:

14.1.1 At Council Meetings (except for the purpose of rule 10.) – Three members

14.1.2 At Council Meetings for the purpose of rule 10. – Five members.

14.1.3 At General Meetings – Eight members.

15  Studentship with The Trichological Society’s College of Trichology:

15.1 Education subscription is currently £2400 GBP / £3600 GBP per academic year. This may be paid in 12 monthly instalments of £200 / £300

15.2  An academic year may commence on the first day of any month (not August or December)  Academic fees are to be received by the College Registrar 14 days prior to commencement of the academic month / year.   The Society may be prepared to accept monthly payment of academic fees where students guarantee to make such payments via Banks our PayPal  

15.3  Courses
Students are accepted on the basis that they will adhere to the requirements published at  and understand their annual financial commitment to The Society’s College    

15.4  Refunds are not made where the student drops-out or cancels a year / term of study after the agreed date of commencement.

15.5 Students of The College may contemporaneously work in a supportive role within a trichological establishment whilst under the constant supervision and control of a TTS Registered Trichologist who carries full Professional Liability Insurance. Under no circumstances should a student posture as a trichologist, or offer / perform consultancy, advisory or treatment services by which members of the public could reasonably perceive he /she to be qualified in trichology. Any confirmed breach of this stipulation will result in the immediate termination of the student’s studentship without refund of fees.  

15.6   Examinations
Students are required to attend annual assessments throughout their course and the obligatory examination at the conclusion of the final year’s study.  

16.    Complaints  Made against individuals within The Society must be in writing and addressed to the Governors 19 Balgores Square, Gidea Park RM2 6AU.   All complaints are taken seriously and are initially investigated by the Governors who may  refer to our Lawyers and Insurers.  To be considered, complaints must be backed up by dated evidence, incident location, names and contact details of witnesses.