Hair Clinics – Exploitation

Are you suffering a hair or scalp problem which has not been successfully treated by your G.P.

Have you in desparation consulted a much advertised ‘leading trichologist’ with a convincing website for help.

Have you been charged thousands of pounds for ‘miracle cure’ potions for which there is no independent evidence of efficacy.

Have you realised after leaving the premises that you have actually been ‘ripped-off’ by a slick saleman masquerading as a qualified trichologist who charges in advance for his useless snake-oil preparations and refuses to reimburse his victims who return them unopened.

You are a member of a long list of victims.

The Society has experts who advise Trading Standards, BBC Watchdog, Which? Magazine, the Legal Profession and the Courts.
They are available to advise you:

If you have been exploited by a charlatan ‘hair-consultant’ and are seeking advice
Telephone 07742 336 337