Hair Consultant – Exploitation

Have you suffered exploitation at the hands of a hair consultant ?

Has your hairloss rendered you vulnerable and a victim to smooth talking salespersons who promise miracles.

Have you paid large sums of money for worthless ‘miracle treatments’ or ‘snake oils’ or a ‘wig under another name’.

Have you complained and eventually been offered money back once you have signed away any legal rights you may have had?

What can you do?

Please telephone 07742 336 337

The Society’s Registrar would like to hear from you. He is amassing a dossier on such activities and would like to see the demise of these charlatans. We advise Trading Standards, BBC Watchdog, Which? Magazine. and other groups. He is an acknowledged expert witness and his testimony has won many cases (both civil and criminal and at appeal) over 40 + years.

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