“My journey with The Trichological Society of London has been a satisfying experience during which I have developed a deep knowledge of hair and scalp diseases / conditions. I attended a Harley Street Transplant Clinic and the Holborn Hair Clinic (London) each significantly assisted my skills development.
Professor Barry Stevens and Mr Edward Stevens were both available and helpful throughout my course of study. This is a respectable, academic,  professional body”.

Dr Ruth Rai Benjamin MB BS LTTS


I graduated in May 2019 with The Trichological Society. I am now practising trichology in my country. Doing an online diploma was very convenient for me as I kept what was then my full time job and juggled a family with young kids. For Malta trichology is something quite new so online was my only option to pursue my studies . But I don’t regret any of it, actually I would like to take it forward. This course not only gave me the knowledge I needed to start a new career but also boosted my self esteem and helped me become more professional in the services I offer. Submitting my work and getting feedback was very straightforward. The professors and the mentors are amazing and keep following you even after graduating. This school has done many great things for me even if at first it seems hard with a lot of work and research to be done, if you keep going eventually you get there. I highly recommend attending the clinical practise as it changes the way you see things and the knowledge you gain comes handy later when you start seeing your own patients.

Lowella Catania LTTS


My interest in trichology started 18 years ago.

I studied with The Trichological Society of London. 

Prof Barry Stevens is a great teacher and guide, he supported me throughout my journey. 

My clinic has attained recognition as ‘Best Skin and Hair clinic in South India’. 

I feel that I owe this award to The Trichological Society and Prof Stevens – thank you sir for being there for me and more recently my daughter (also a doctor) who is currently studying trichology with The Trichological Society. 

This training enables us to reform lives. 

Thank you 


Dr (Mrs) Talat Salim MD LTTS

Chennai, India.

In my opinion TTS course is one of the best and unique in the field of trichology education. To qualify, The Society’s students are required to maintain the highest standards in all essay presentations and examinations in accordance with its reputation (a gift for society nowadays).

Due to the extensive knowledge gained my practice is growing,  I am able to clear the doubts of patients and provide accurate diagnoses.

I recommend the TTS course for doctors with interests in scalp and hair sciences.

I am highly thankful to Mr A Shahmalak FRCS  (President of The Society), Professor Barry Stevens (my Mentor), Claire and the The Society staff.

My good wishes are always with you.

Dr Arsalan Baig LTTS


Thank you for the intense but extremely rewarding 3 year academic and practical journey with the Trichological Society. The top class education, mentorship, clinical practice and guidance rooted in hair science I received during my studies has grounded and equipped me with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to make a difference in my community where hair loss is, to some degree a major problem due to lack of knowledge and education about hair and scalp diseases.  I highly recommend the Trichological Society as a  of choice for aspiring Trichologists. Thank you Professor Barry Stevens, Mr Edward Stevens and Claire for making it such and enjoyable, satisfying and transforming learning journey! I feel extremely honoured to be a graduate of such a reputable institution!

Shingai Ziki MA BA LTTS.

Zimbabwe , Africa.