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St Bart’s & Royal London School of Medicine
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Dr Peter Feldschreiber MB BS FTTS
Senior Medical Officer, Licensing Division,
Medicines Control Agency,
UK Department of Health, and Barrister at Law

Dr Robert J. W. Hefford FRCS, CChem, CSci, EurChem, MSCS, FTTS
Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Chartered Chemist, European Chemist, Member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists,
Associate Member of the Society of Expert Witnesses, Visiting Professor in the Department of Colour Chemistry at the University of Leeds.
Director –  Independent Cosmetic Advice Ltd
providing high quality technical direction, advice and information to and about the cosmetics industry.
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Dr Janet Palin BSc(Hons), PhD, SCS Dip, MRSC, MTTS
Leicestershire UK

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Dr Dominique Van Neste MD PhD Patron-TTS
Skinterface spr, 9 Rue du Sondart
B -7500 Tournai, Belgium.


‘Hair Science and Technology’ (Editor Dominique Van Neste MD PhD)
This remarkable volume follows the proceedings of the 9th annual meeting of the EHRS (European Hair Research Society) held in Brussels, Belgium, in June 2002.
The book has been a prime focus of interest among our members and most especially our students. The book’s  470 + pages include abstracts, functional studies, case histories, photographs, data tables and references associated with current hair research.
In this era of scientific interest in hair and its problems, the work presents a fascinating and unequalled insight into the extensive research currently in progress.
This volume is a must for every student/trichologist/hair-scientist.

Dr Ruth Borner PhD MRSC CChem Dip SCS MTTS
Research Cosmetic Chemist

Dr Rachita S Dhurat MD MTTS
Professor & Head of Department of Dermatology, T N Medical College & B Y L Nair Hospital, Mumbai Central, Mumbai, INDIA.
986 932 9738