(Applicable to practitioners listed on The Society’s Web Pages).

Student Member, Member, Licentiate, Fellow will hereinafter be referred to as ‘Member’

Practitioner members of The Society are expected to adhere to the guidelines contained herein, and such additions and alterations as the Governing Council of The Society may introduce. This document is to be read by each applicant for membership. The Membership Application Form requires a signature from the Candidate to certify that he/she has read understood and agrees to adhere to the principles and tenets contained in this document (and its future ammended editions)
and The Society’s Constitution (Rules).

These guidelines are subject to review. It is the responsibility of each member to remain up to date with the content.

The object of these guidelines is to provide and maintain a recognisable and acceptable standard of conduct throughout the membership
through which the public community and other professionals may derive confidence.

  1. Every Member shall at all times and in all respects conduct himself/herself within the law.
  2. Every member shall at all times and in all respects up-hold the reputation of The Society and it’s honourable members.
  3. Every member shall deem himself/herself important to The Society and act as it’s ambassador at all times. They must agree to any routine inspection of their practice/factory/business deemed appropriate by The Society.
  4. No member shall conduct himself/herself outside the limits of his/her field of expertise as acknowledged by The Society.
  5. Members are entitled and requested to apply their post nominal designatory letters (of The Society) where appropriate.
  6. Members in practice shall ensure that they are adequately insured for all aspects of their professional activity.
  7. Members WebPages linked to the Society’s Portal must be acceptable to The Society’s Governing Council, conform to appropriate levels of good taste, accuracy and professionalism. A member must not therein mislead in any way, contravene the law, or suggest that he/she is superior in any respect to colleagues with a similar specialism within The Society. The Society has the authority to refuse the inclusion of, or withdraw an existing Web page which in the opinion of the Governing Council fails to meet these criteria. Web pages must state (prominently) that the member is registered with The Society.
  8. Members in professional practice shall not attempt to ‘steal’ the patient of another member.
  9. Members in practice shall keep accurate records of patients in their care, and be prepared to forward such when referring a patient into the care of another person.
  10. Members shall not offer any form of postal or remote diagnosis.
  11. Practitioners shall totally and absolutely respect the confidentiality of their patient.
  12. Student Members must not operate clinical practices or in any way suggest that they are qualified in Trichology. Student Members may work as support staff to a Medical or Trichological practitioner who is registered with the Trichological Society.

    In the event of a member being found to have breached this code, the Governing Council of The Society has the authority (within the principles of the law of the country) to require an explanation. In extreme circumstances the Council may exercise its right to order the removal of that members name from the Register of Members, and the removal of that members Website link from The Society’s Website. (See The Constitution Rule 10)