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The College offers the following courses:

1. Trichology Diploma (3 years) for tenacious students.

2. Trichology Diploma (2 years) for medical degree holders.   

3. Hair Restoration Technician’s Diploma (2 years) for tenacious studentseach in certain circumstances are reminded that courses are offered in modules of 12 months ‘Trichology’ (the orthodox sciences relating to human hair) is a derivation of the old Greek words TRIKHOS (Hair) and LOJIK’L (Doctrine of).

We welcome you either as an interested visitor or a prospective student (from anywhere worldwide) seeking to study Trichology or the Hair Restoration Technicians’ Diploma at the highest academic level currently available worldwide. These distance learning programs are facilitated via a home computer + clinical observation at  London based trichology practices or surgeries.

The Trichological Society was founded in 1999 by an eclectic group of professionals and academics who had an interest in hair or one of its several associated sciences.  The College functions exclusively as a new-age internet based distance learning facility under the guidance of its education committee (a team of inspired academics within Law, Medicine, Cosmetic Science, Biological Sciences, Pharmacology and Pure-Trichology) whose specialisms involve professional / academic interests in Human Hair and Scalp in Health, Disease and Distressed circumstances. The College does not possess buildings as its Mentors have private clinical establishments to which students are invited by arrangement. This facility has worked well to date.

The College awards diplomas. The courses (distance learning) have been in existence for 20+ years and have become synonymous with excellence in the discipline. The College will continue promoting levels of educational excellence not previously available.

These courses require part-time study. They are available to capable tenacious English speaking persons wherever they reside worldwide who possess a determination to succeed at this high academic level and be listed with The Trichological Society.
The enrolment requirements are:  a sound education up to and beyond degree level. Candidates without ‘A level’ passes in appropriate science subjects will be invited to research, write up and submit a 1000 word essay on a given biological topic for assessment. The College may also call for an interview.

Full details of our courses with the syllabuses are published herein:

To enrol or discuss the courses contact the Director of Education – telephone UK  07742 336 337. – WhatsApp

The College does not advise on course funding. All courses are provided on a yearly contract basis. The yearly academic fee (currently £2400) can in certain circumstances be paid monthly (currently £200 net through a Bank or PayPal). Students paying monthly are reminded that they are contracting to pay for the year irrespective of whether or not they submit the required number of essays.  A student wishing to terminate the course is required to state so in writing.

The Trichological Society retains the ongoing right to revise the educational courses offered herein.