Pseudo-Pelade of Brocq


Pseudo-pelade of Brocq (false Alopecia Areata) is a rare atrophying disease which initially resembles commencing alopecia areata from which is name derives.

It affects middle-aged adults of both sexes but more often white females. Onset of disease in childhood or adolescence is rare..

The pathogenesis being inflammatory and destructive, the scalp exhibits one or more small bald patches which are smooth and atrophic. Many more such patches may appear. The aetiology is unknown but it is suspected to be autoimmune-based.

The process seems to inculcate the outer root sheath and follicular stem cells.

Sites: any scalp location but usually the vertices and parietal regions.

The disease has given rise to the phrase ‘footsteps in the snow’

Varying degrees of success have been claimed with use of topical corticosteroids, intralesional triamcinolone acetonide, prednisilone, hydroxy-chloroquine and isotretinoin.