Hairdressing Negligence & Hair Loss

Negligent hairdressing procedures are capable of initiating levels of hair loss by:

Epilation – the forced extraction of the hair-shaft from its host follicle. This trauma may cause the follicle to miniaturise and thereafter produce a finer shorter hair-shaft, or to the follicle may survive to create a normal hair-shaft.The worst scenario being destruction of the follicle and permanent loss of that hair. This practice is not to be recommended and caution should be observed to ensure that wet hair is not tightly would onto curlers to allow for contraction as it dries.

Hair-shaft severance at scalp level which results from exposure to hydroxides (hair curl relaxing), excessive exposure to ammonium thioglycollate (permanent-waving).

Blistering of the scalp which may cause permanent hair loss – the consequences of excessive or over-exposure to certain chemicals, i.e hydroxides in hair relaxing, hydrogen peroxide in blanching, excessive exposures to thermal appliances i.e. tongs, hand held driers, straightening irons etc.

What to do

It is to be hoped that all will be well in time. However where scalp is injured or hair is baldly damaged, it may be prudent to seek advice from your G.P. or a Trichologist (make sure the latter is TTS trained and has Professional indemnity Insurance). In any event a trichologist will be a good starting point – he/she will be able to give you immediate advice and arrange to examine your damage and recommend a specialist lawyer if required. Some trichologists will also write an expert – witness report if required, or refer to to a professional colleague who undertakes such work.