Headwear / Toupees / Wigs
The Society currently lists some UK based specialists in this field.

Reputable suppliers of ‘Non-surgical hair replacement systems, wigs, turbans’ etc – worldwide
are invited to apply for membership of The Society and listing on this website.
Please contact the Registrar.

Hair replacement (non-surgical), wigs and toupees provide help for Men/Women with hairloss due to Alopecia /Chemotherapy, Cicatrical Alopecias, Alopecia Areata/Totalis, Androgenetic Alopecia (Male pattern baldness Female Pattern baldness).

Some of these conditions are temporary and full hair recovery is just a matter of time.
Others however are permanent.

Living with this reality is psychologically devastating for some men and most women.
However much comfort can be derived from hair replacement systems (non-surgical), wigs and toupees etc). These have the capability to re-establish an individual’s appearance and confidence – short term or long term.

Read the Graham Wake article on non-surgical hair replacement

Read the Graham Wake article on Wigs

We currently list the following wig suppliers. Products may in some cases be ordered/purchased on-line.

UK patients contact –

Hair Development
Mr S. Levy MTTS
247 Mile End Road, London E1 4BJ
telephone: 0207 790 4567/3996

Total Hair Solutions
Mr G Wake MSc MTTS
Read Mr Wake’s paper on non-surgical hair restoration
London based Hair replacement studio:

0207 404 6040



Headline Hats
stylish headwear for women with hair loss

020 8874 1099



Bloomsbury Wigs
1 Kings Mews London WC1N 2JA
0207 4046040


Hair Development



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