Bubble Hair Syndrome

An acquired hair-shaft deformity associated with thermal hairdressing procedures (hairdryers, hot tongs, straightening irons – which provide great heat – up to 230° C)  causing bubbling (blistering) and hair-shaft loss.

Chemical straightening, relaxing colouring/de-colouring processes may exacerbate the vulnerability to bubbling.

Microscopical examination reveals numbers of bubble-like lesions which are actually gas/moisture filled vacuoles (cavities) created by the rapid vaporization caused.

The degree of bubbling (blistering) therefore increases with higher levels of heat and moisture content.

The structure of the hair-shaft will be weakened by bubbling (blistering) and fragility with severance (immediate or delayed) will result.

There is no way of repairing hair-shafts damaged in this way.

Treatment: Prevention through avoiding the cause.

Prof. B Stevens FTTS