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The word Trichology (‘hair science’) was first introduced into London in 1902. It was the formal commencement of a professional calling which originated in a London Barber shop in about 1860 by one self-styled ‘Professor’ Wheeler. Unlike many other caring professions trichology singularly failed to gain eloquence during its first 100 years of existance, and has in recent decades received many well deserved drubbings by the media and medical establishment – reflecting the poor / mediocre training provided.

The College of Trichology under the auspices of TTS (The Trichological Society) re-invented ‘Trichology’ as a Diploma course. ‘Pure-Trichology’ is a medical / scientific discipline to be studied and practiced by academically capable individuals to high standards of excellence.

TTS Courses in Pure-Trichology

The Trichological Society’s graduate trichologists are usually from academic backgrounds. 86% hold first degrees in medical or other science disciplines.They train as published at 
This unique discipline absorbs much of its substance from others (medical, cosmetic, legal, and other specialised sciences).  

Graduates of the 2 or 3 year courses offered provide advice with recommendations as to treatments where applicable. They refer patients to other professionals where appropriate. 
They are respected by the legal profession and provide academic/scientific reports and in-court testimony as expert witnesses in both civil and criminal cases UK and overseas.
The Society’s graduate trichologists are frequently the choice of journalists, the media, the legal profession, and industry etc where reliable trichological opinion is sought.
In all aspects TTS trichologists are required to act with the best interests of the patient as their priority. 
TTS Registered Trichologists are required to obey a Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Guidelines. The Society is intolerant of any malpractice, overcharging or charlatanism and will act rigorously in any area of legitimate complaint against its registered practitioner members. In any such instance the Registrar should be informed without delay.
The Society’s Open University style course is set at the highest academic standard within this discipline worldwide. A full overview of the academic coursework may be viewed at course content.

TTS Registered Trichologists usually practice as individuals, providing realistically priced professional services in pleasant well equipped clinical units.

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