The Society's Illustrious Past-Presidents


The Society's President is elected from within the membership and enthroned in May.
    Since 2006, each President reigns for two years.


President 2014-2016

Professor Barry Stevens FTTS (Founder Member), Trichologist, International Lecturer and Expert Witness.



President 2012-2014 


Dr Akshay Batra FTTS - INDIA - Managing Director Dr Batra's Positive Health. 



President 2010-12


Mr Martyn Trenerry LLB FTTS (Founder Member) Personnal Injury Lawyer



President 2008-10


Mrs Sallly Ann Tarver FTTS a successful Trichologist and Expert Witness.



President 2006 - 2008


Mr John A Harwood (Founder Member) 



President 2005 - 2006 


Dr Richard Rogers FTTS (Founder Member), a leading UK hair restoration surgeon.



President 2003 - 2005


Ms Helen Ellis MTTS (Founder member) a UK Surfactants Chemist and Medical Herbalist.



President 2002 - 2003

Mr Robert D Olding FTTS. Affectionately regarded as the 'world's first ethical clinical trichologist'.
His personal benefaction being the Robert Olding Book Award presented annually to The Society's outstanding final year student.



President 2001 - 2002


Mr Kenneth Price MTTS (Founder Member). A UK Chemist specialising in hair and scalp preparations. 

He so generously donated the Presidential Gold Chain of Office 



President 2000 - 2001


Dr. Nilofer Farjo MTTS (Founder Member), a leading UK hair restoration surgeon



President 1999 - 2000

Mr. Derek Dane FTTS (Founder Member), the first President of The Society. Trichological Practitioner, Microscopist and Expert Witness.


The President 2016-2018

Dr Janet Palin


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